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Work, life and things in between – Day 91 – Leave me alone!

Work, life and things in between – Day 91 – Leave me alone!

I was in class again for four straight days.  As much as I like learning, I sensed some restlessness. A big chunk of me just wanted to say: “Leave me alone”.  I was nearing the breaking point where I wanted to go out and apply what I was learning.  Wasn’t there yet but it was coming. I could tell.

All this team work, these group activities, this gathering of otherwise total strangers with whom I had to share my inner thoughts, preferences in life, behavior style etc….this never came naturally to me.

By then however, I had done so much of it, I was used to it.  I didn’t fight it, didn’t resist it and as expected, benefited from it, but it would never be a natural inclination for me.

So I got to know everyone pretty well. Interestingly enough there was “one of those” in my class.  The “one of those” is the personality who needs to be on top of everyone, is quicker, faster, louder than anybody else, would not know you have a need unless you were bleeding to death,  and although would never admit their need for attention, they demand it all the time.

Their idea of leadership is you do it their way and their conception of team work, is you each have 5 minutes to talk about it and in the end you do as they say.

I am sure you know the type.

Typically, in the work place, this is your boss.

Fundamentally in my life, they are as opposite to me as day and night. At least I have always thought so but now with all that introspective I don’t know anymore….let’s just say that they are at the opposite of my preference spectrum. How is that? A much safer statement I would think.

In a nut shell, their strategy to have everyone’s attention by bulldozing their way to the center of whatever it is they are involved in and cornering everyone is extremely distasteful to me and quite frankly I have ran out of patience with such people.

The beauty now is that I can simply move to the next table.  Don’t need to deal with them anymore.

The other element of beauty is that I have learned to deal with them a little bit better.  They don’t get under my skin the way they used to.  One more score towards getting older.

It gets a lot smoother as you go along. Swell! To day 92