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Coaching that meets your needs.

The methodology

Coaching takes place one on one, in person, over the phone or virtually, according to availability and preferences. Meetings may be one-of, two or three calls to address a specific situation or can be established on a longer term basis, usually held bi-monthly and depending on the mandate, may last from three (3) to six (6) months.

Leadership is born of a deep sense of self which requires serious reflection to achieve personal development.

Types of coaching

  • Ad-Hoc one-on-one coaching:  You call when you need to.
  • One on one coaching:  An intentional process leading to action and change,
  • Live-action coaching: (optional and as per client’s preference) Observation on site of individual patterns of behavior and communication to address blind spots and counterproductive styles,
  • Team coaching:  Making the sum of the parts greater than the whole for people who share a common vision, purpose and goals by optimizing communication,
  • Group coaching:  Individuals benefit from each other’s experience.
  • Type or behavioral assessment:  Increase self-awareness (ex: Myers Briggs, 360 degree assessment),as well as understanding of individuals who operate with different styles.
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