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Work, life and things in between – Day 55 – They went haywire!

Work, life and things in between – Day 55 – They went haywire!

IT CAME BACK!  Someone must have left the back door open because it came back and I knew so by the level of activities that went on all night.  It and my brain went on overdrive.  They went haywire.

The work with the career transition firm combined with the time I had on my hands to think and do some soul searching were bringing together all the elements of my life.  That was the plan, so I was on track, just slightly unnerved about it all.  That’s all.

I was not only validating my resume and career path, but mostly my interests, focus,  wants and dislikes in a manner that for the first time really I felt I could make a choice.  A real choice.  There was no other driver than my own need.  That was a new place for me.

As I progressed in that journey I found less and less synergy between what I would want to do and what I had been doing.

Otherwise referred to as a pickle!

That was not totally unexpected though.  So, when it came to updating a resume, presenting myself on LinkedIn, researching the job market, selecting fields of studies etc…two things popped up.

First:  an attitude.  Basically, I did not want to do any of that. Why would I set up a trap to fall into?  If I was to be successful at my search, I would get a job. At that time, I did not want a job.

Two: a major bottleneck.  Simply put, no job, no income.  So, once the severance money runs out, how did I plan to reconcile all of that?

Do you truly reinvent yourself at 55?

Well, I believe yes. You can.  The smart way to do it though is to build on your acquired skills and knowledge of the past and apply this to your interests and passion. No need to throw the baby with the bath water.

Sounds easy on paper, but how you translate this into a day to day activity and a pay check is another story.

What if I never evolved in the HR arena again? What if I picked up a fruits and vegetables home delivery business?  An online order business?  Better yet, what if I finally opened that proverbial hot dog stand where I could flip burgers six (6) months out of the year, and flip myself on the beach for the remaining six (6)?

That was pretty much what my hamster and my brain argued over all night long.  The next morning I felt a lot less rested than previous mornings and in somewhat of a crappy mood.  Change is disruptive.

Who wants to deal with this before her first cup of coffee? To day 56.