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Work, life and things in between – Day 106 – On the ferry!

Work, life and things in between – Day 106 – On the ferry!

I needed to make up for the 366th day I got as a bonus the week before  when the ferry was cancelled and I stayed home with an instantly freed agenda.  So this meant I was off to the island again.  Vancouver Island .

I got to the ferry on time, boarded the ship, locked my car and moved up to the inside deck.  Taking the ferry has always been a pleasure.  There is a vacation feel to it and a sense of freedom while you are “away at sea”.  It was only a ninety (90) minute ferry and before long it was time to go down to the car.

I thought for sure I knew where my car was, but evidently, I did not.  I went up and down the rows of cars, on both sides of the deck, with no success. I was beginning to panic.  We were minutes away from docking….

I was frantically pointing my electronic door opener in all directions in hope of hearing a “beep-beep” and seeing the headlights blink at me….but no.  Nothing.

I could have kicked myself. This was not a first.

Once in Montreal I had to pay a cab driver $25 to take me around the airport parking lot after I had been wandering on all levels in my high heels dragging my suitcase in search of my car….  It was worst then.  A ship is a known area and unless someone threw my car overboard while I was not looking, it had to be there somewhere….whereas airport parking lots are vast and you can spend hours in there. Trust me.  You can.

Just as I was heading towards the parking attendant to confess my stupidity, I saw it! Tucked away between two mini-vans….I swore this would never happen again.

I made it just on time to my one o’clock meeting and then just on time to my three o’clock and zoom out of there again just on time to miss the 5 o’clock ferry….

Two hours on the dock, without a book or my I-pad, is a long two hours. How is it that I did not come prepared for this? For crying out loud, must I always have a plan B, and C? What could I do with these two hours?

I decided to roll my seat down and tough it out. In the end, two hours are exactly one hundred and twenty minutes, whether you wish they would last forever or go by like a thunderbolt. So I can fuss and complain, or I can look at the birds coming and going. My choice.  Which would you pick?

Being still and quiet take some getting used to.  It is not so much that we don’t like it…it is that we don’t feel comfortable with it. More like a guilt feeling.  There are many to say that it is boredom.  I think it is the inability to be still. The sooner you learn this, the longer your life is likely to be.

I was tired.  These had been productive but demanding meetings.  I was thinking that a nice cool glass of Pinot Grigio while sitting comfortably in the lounge looking at the island disappearing in the distance would be a perfect plan.

Why wouldn’t I try that? To day 107.