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Work, life and things in between – Day 51 – Things are sharp!

Work, life and things in between – Day 51 – Things are sharp!

It is as clear as daylight at noon…I open my eyes and suddenly realize how quiet I am.  My body is heavy, comfortable and rested.  I actually had a full night’s sleep and my brain feels as sharp as the colors on a late summer afternoon over the Prairies. Wow! I had forgotten how good this felt!

My brain is quiet.  My brain is quiet….did I say that my brain is quiet? The hamster has gone to sleep…maybe even passed out.  Who knocked it out?

I did not hear it leave….it is much like falling asleep in a crowded, noisy room and suddenly waking up when everyone has left and the noise has died.  You don’t know when it went from chaotic to quiet but all you know is that the noise is gone.

Now, I want this to last.

Is this it?  Did I cross a land mark?  Is today the magic day and now my body and brain have rested enough and they can finally come down a notch?  How many more notches are there?

This is like being on an excavation expedition and finding the first artifacts…..confirmation that you are on the right path and doing this for a reason…or stepping on a scale after a few weeks of dieting and finding that you have shed a few pounds, although I would not know that feeling. It is a very, very positive sign.

I feel great.

My plans for today were to soak in the tub, write and maybe, just maybe if I felt that energetic, go for a long walk along the canal. A day off!

As I start making coffee, my phone rings.  It is my friend Carla, the business owner I have been working with, putting together a business proposal for her new client.

They are meeting tomorrow and she is not quite ready. Would I have time to help?

I jump in the shower, dress and leave the house; take the subway to Tem’s office, borrow the car keys (and the car!), and drive across town to her office. That’s ok.  It will be fun to play “office” the way we played house when we were kids

This is the first time in nearly three months that I sit in an office, behind a desk, with buzz all around.  Honestly, it feels good only so long as I know that tonight I will be heading home and be out of here.  Not ready yet. To day 52.