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Work, life and things in between – Day 96 – Ready or not!

Work, life and things in between – Day 96 – Ready or not!

In the business world, we are trained to work on a problem solving basis.  Coaching is assets based. It is about facilitating transformation, not providing solutions. Very different.

So, when I first started sitting across the desk from a smart, efficient, up and coming young executive who talked about 3 and 5 year plan and the need to increase the organization’s capacity I got all geared up and wanted to jump in and tell him what to do.

Holding myself back was particularly difficult because there was nothing he would have liked better than me giving him the answer, assuming I had them!

But then these would have been my answers.  Not his.  This is similar to giving a fish versus teaching how to fish…you know the story.    So for me it was a learning experience no doubt. I was loving it!

I think what I loved equally as much, was being coached myself. It is so incredibly powerful and helpful to have someone on your side, without an agenda of her own, working towards your goals! How good is that? How I wished I had discovered that earlier in my career!.

My coach and I had chosen a new place for our meeting today. I drove to the place where the meeting was to take place only to realize that there was no such office at that address.  Damn.  I had done it again!  I had quickly looked it up on Google, saw the name and location and concluded this was the place!  Turned out it was on the other side of town. I got there nearly a half hour late.

I thought I was done with this type of behavior!  Going nowhere with certainty as a former boyfriend would say.

The meeting went well.  She, like my other friend who said I was just a little bit crazy, was of the opinion that my plan was totally doable! I liked her attitude!

I walked out of there with so much confidence, I could hardly contain myself. I wanted this plan to unfold on the spot. Right that day, that minute. I wanted it all, I wanted it then and now. I did not want to stop to eat, to sleep or anything else.

I was pumped! To day 97 .