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Work, life and things in between – Day 93 – Is this crazy?

Work, life and things in between – Day 93 – Is this crazy?

That afternoon I met with a “contact”.  He was actually the recruiter who head hunted me for my first job here in Vancouver some years ago.  A nice, friendly man.  He is a consultant in addition to being a recruiter.  I wanted him to tell me about “life as a Coach”.

Whereas some years ago I would have kept all my plans to myself (INFP , remember?) at this point I quite openly shared my plan with him.  I wanted him to tell me whether I was totally in the left field or if any of my plans made sense.

I want to be an Executive Coach and only a Coach.  This is what I like. I want to work one on one with leaders; people who can impact others.  I want to do it alone, not as part of a firm and I want to do it both in Montreal and Vancouver”.  On a scale of 1 to 10 tell me how lunatic or crazy that is please!

Just a little crazy he said.

Wow.  This is good. “Just a little ” is good.  I fully expected him to say this is entirely crazy!

Because of the nature of coaching, you will not be able to do only that.  You cannot fill your days with coaching.  You will need to diversify in order to ensure a steady stream of income. Also, working in both cities will probably cause you to have a slower start in both…establishing your business will take time.

THAT is the crazy part?” Yahoo!  I can deal with that kind of crazy! I don’t want to fill my days anyway!  I want to use the rest of the time for writing.

So according to him it is possible.  What difference a single man’s opinion make? well in actual facts it should not make a difference but in this case I found it quite comforting.  I was then facing the possibility that this crazy idea of mine could actually take form.

Now what?  somehow, our conversation made me feel like I just went from pen to paper, or better said, from thoughts to reality.  Goodness, gracious!  You mean I am actually truly going to go ahead with this? It is like dreaming about your first house all this time and when you finally show up at the bank to sign the mortgage you get cold feet as though you had not realized you would ever get to that part!

Secretly I am thinking that had he said “You are totally crazy” there might have been a relief somewhere in the very deep sick side of me….you know the side that goes back for seconds when you are trying to stick to a diet, or the same one who asks for another round of drinks when she knows she has had enough….the side you’d be better off without!

One more barrier just fell.  The more I pushed forward, the less obstacles there seemed to be…but something was telling me there were still a few more out there waiting for me!

No hurry, I know they’ll wait! To day 94.