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Work, life and things in between – Day 92 – Hanging by a thread!

Work, life and things in between – Day 92 – Hanging by a thread!

Fascinating how life unfolds.  I love to watch it.  Particularly when it ties in with my theory that when you feel you are hanging by a thread and things are about to collapse this is when stuff starts happening. Of course there is a reason why things happen that way, at least I believe there is: when you have exhausted all actions and ideas and have no more energy or imagination to put in your 2 bits and interact with everything, you typically step back and in doing so, let life take over. More often than not, it is smarter than you and me included.

I know, I know, there are many to believe that this is being fatalist…I just think that over the centuries, the force of nature and life itself have far outweighed us humans.

Perhaps Humans are over rated.

On a more down to earth level now, I had been looking for individuals affectionately called pro-bono coachees.

In my program, as part of our curriculum, we were to start coaching individuals as though they were our clients. Because we were still students and because from time to time our faculty would be on the call listening in for audit purposes, this coaching was to take place on a pro-bono status.

I say affectionately because for those who had not engaged in coaching before, these individuals were the first contact they had with their chosen new way of life. There is something special about firsts: first love, first car, first child, first house….same goes with first coachee. Somehow, you seem to think of them differently.

Most of my friends were on the East Coast and most of my business contacts were in the US, so looking for a client here in Vancouver was a bit of a challenge but through new connections from my Myers Briggs class I found some volunteers.

It is true what they say about networking.  It is the best proven way to find your way to a job.

Also that day, I found a coach for myself.  Also part of the curriculum. As for any other professionals we need to walk our talks. When provided with the list of potential alumni coaches, I read the first Bio and stopped right there;  Artist, a writer, left the corporate world to coach and re- enter the artistic world?  This one was for me. I was sold.

A lot of this coach’s pedigree brought me back to my thinking process following my daughter’s questions on “when did you stop being a hippie”? of earlier days. Besides there is a lot of energy in her bio and something unconventional about her that are very inviting.

I thought that her and I would see eye to eye. I could not wait to get started. To day 93.