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Work, life and things in between – Day 88 – Let it rip!

Work, life and things in between – Day 88 – Let it rip!

I registered for a Myers Briggs certification program taking place here in Vancouver next week.  Myers Briggs, in a nut shell, is the layman’s tool to apply Carl Jung’s theory of personality traits in the work place (or wherever you want to apply it).

In my career I have used this quite a bit working with individuals and teams. It is a great tool to help you understand why the communication dynamics are the way they are. At least, this is how we typically presented it.

In reality, it is very helpful in figuring out what the heck makes Larry tick sort of speak! Anyhow, I always wanted to get a more in depth knowledge of the tool.  Now I have time to do it.  Besides, I am sure I will use this a lot in my coaching practice.

So I registered.  Class was to start the following week and I had the week-end to get ready and catch up on my reading of which there was a lot of. Luckily for me it was and still is fascinating material.  Behavior and personalities; it does not get more exciting than that!

So, I dove into the books and nearly lost perspective of time.

I actually got up early, very early and started with reading the newspaper, then I did some of the homework required in my coaching program and some more reading as well, then I managed some e-mails (a lot of traffic from the cohort..) and then I settled into my course material….Before I knew it , it was 3 pm, I was still in my pyjamas, had a headache from all that reading and was, once again, food deprived.

I wanted to go outside before the sun sets but I could not put my books down.  There was still so much to cover. I wanted to know more about a few topics, I wanted to get ahead in the homework……reminded me of grade school.  Every Friday afternoon was reading time.  Taking turns, we would read out loud a chapter in our story book.  I never was able to wait for everybody else to read the book one chapter at a time.  Are you kidding?  By the following week I had read the whole book.  I had to get to the end…I could not put it down…so, this feels similar. Kind of fun!

Seriously, I was concerned that maybe, just maybe, I was on the verge of becoming  impossible to live with (if that had not happened already). I did not find time to eat, shower and dress, go down to pick up the mail…..what would I have done with a child, a husband or a job? I could hear it already “Honey, we have to talk”…cringe….

But I did not have a child or a husband or anyone else asking for anything.  Maybe this is why I loved being in Vancouver so much….incognito was the word!

This “over the top”, outrageously self-centered, totally dedicated immersion in what I do is absolutely delightful to me.  It is what I consider my reward for having worked full time and raised 3 kids on my own with that brain of mine always begging for more time and attention. For all the times where I had to split everything a hundred ways and barely participate in anything significantly because volume always superseded quality,  now I can indulge and I can see it already that there is no telling when I will tire of that!

You go Girl! Let it rip! To day 89.