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Work, life and things in between – Day 67 – Down memory lane!

Work, life and things in between – Day 67 – Down memory lane!

Since Tem was busy all morning, I made it to the pool for an hour of blessed exercise.  I had the place all to myself and stretched the morning well into the afternoon.

Later on we took in the city.  I had not been back in a good number of years.  Toronto is where I first learned English in my early teen years spending summers as a live-in nanny trying to keep 4 children well fed, out of trouble and ultimately alive while their parents were on the tennis court or simply reading in the back yard…and then I kept coming for more senior summer jobs. I loved going away for the summer.

As the day darkened and the dampness of the night moved in, we made our way back to the hotel walking through the University of Toronto campus.  Although neither one of us was ever a student there, it felt like a trip down memory lane.

Very peaceful.

Before we knew it, it was Sunday and already time to go home.  We hit the movies at noon to catch the first showing of our selection.  Then, we jumped in a cab and headed out to the airport.  Since we had plenty of time, in comfortable chairs in the lounge with a last glass of wine is how we ended the week-end.

On the way to the gate, the Sunday afternoon blues hit….the sun setting down already, the terminal was quiet, somewhat dark and people were just walking in line….We parted at the gate.  I, going west, he, heading east. In this country we call this the 2 solitudes…

Long distance relationships are great when you re-unite.  They are just not so hot when you are heading back home…

By the time I got home it was 11 pm, local time.  As usual, unless I am dead tired, I always unpack when I get home.  This way I already feel at home when I get up the next day. In doing so, I realized that I had left my laptop AC Adaptor on the plane.

I knew I was missing something when we deplaned but could not think of what it was. It was less than one hour ago when I l exited that plane and with any luck it would still be at the gate waiting for its turn around I was thinking.  I wanted to talk to someone in the terminal.  The cleaning crew must have found it or else, it was simply at my seat…This was my only power cord.

Anyone who owns a laptop (and that is pretty much everybody) knows that you can not be without.

I knew where the cord was, which seat, which row, which gate…had I known that I would have had sufficient time to get there before the plane took off I would have just driven to the airport, double lane parked in front of the terminal leaving the hazsard lights on…”I am only going in for 2 minutes” I would have told the traffic cop…instead I ended up having to contact the online service desk, opening a ticket with Adesh from Bangalore, India.  He gave me a file number and informed me that they had 90 days to find it or close the ticket. A polite way to say “don’t bother to call back”.

Sometimes globalization is not all you want it to be!To day 68.