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Work, life and things in between – Day 66 – Depends on the angle!

Work, life and things in between – Day 66 – Depends on the angle!

I landed in Toronto late in the afternoon. It was dark already. The journey from the airport to downtown was exactly that: a journey.

It should however have been a pleasant ride.  None of that was difficult. But even pleasant is difficult when you take it from the wrong angle!

First I found out there was no shuttle bus and I had to take public transit.  Nothing wrong with that when you know where you are going.  I did not. Then I needed the exact change to get on the bus.  I should have expected that.  I had to go back into the terminal to get change, and in doing so, of course, missed my bus.  I just waited a little longer and froze a little deeper.  It was a cold day. I should have worn my gloves.

Things that I once knew mechanically when I was on a tight budget have become something of the past over the years. When you travel on corporate business, you never wait for the bus, in line or look for change other than for tipping.

Fascinating how things you once knew intuitively come back years later as a new concept. I finally got on the bus and rode the whole distance from the airport to the first subway station, standing up in the middle of the bus, holding on to my suitcase, my briefcase and my life actually.

Finally, once into the subway station, there was no direction stating East bound our West bound .  Of course there was not. This train only goes east and I was at the very first station but I did not know that as I frantically rushed in to catch the train. I just stepped into the nearest one. Enough already! This train ought to take me somewhere I was thinking.

As expected, I finally reached my station and got out.  Technically, the hotel was just a few steps away from it..well if that was the case, then that hotel was underground or I was walking in the wrong direction.

I was tired. I just wanted to have arrived, wherever it was I was going. I called Tem.

What does the hotel look like ?” I asked. “Where are you?” he replied.

“I don’t know.  Somewhere on Bloor, between 2 vacant lots.”

Turn around and tell me what you see” he suggested. “ One odd looking building hanging over the street” was my answer. “Walk in that direction.  The hotel is just across the street from it”

And so I did. Within minutes I stepped out of the cold into a warm, cozy luxurious interior and that set the tone for the rest of the week end.

Wouldn’t you want your life to be like that? Just stepping out of the cold into warm and cozy? To day 67.