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Work, life and things in between – Day 65 – Slippery steps!

Work, life and things in between – Day 65 – Slippery steps!

I was meeting with my Career Transition Coach that day before heading out to the airport to catch my flight to Toronto.  I wanted to review my plans with her, discuss progress so far and also put the program on hold for a few months.

Her office was over heated, my expectations over rated so I hastily concluded the meeting and left.  I was simply not into sharing my plans before I was ready to execute them.  She was suggesting a whole series of steps and actions which all felt uncomfortable at best, and looked definitely slippery to me at this stage of the game. Besides, I was not planning on dealing with any of this. Not now, not later.

I held this romantic notion that once I am ready to hit the road and start my business, word of mouth will carry me forward! So, this is how I intended to go about this idea of “putting myself out there”.

So, based on that approach, I made plans to meet with a Business contact in Montreal over the next few weeks as well as another one here in Vancouver, as early as next week.  I like short term goals much better.

Finally, this career transition thing will probably end up like everything else in my life.  I will do it by myself, my own way.

I was beginning to think that I may have an attitude but I did not really have much time to dwell on it as I had to head out to the airport.

As I ran to catch the bus, my purse’s shoulder strap snapped and I entered the bus with a purse, a briefcase, a suitcase and a handful of change in my hands battling a lineup of people trying to make their own way in an already crowded bus.

I missed the days when I just simply jumped in a cab and comfortably checked my e-mail from the back seat of the car, which I had all to myself! Sometimes being green does not come naturally.

On the plane, I sat across the aisle from a very talkative woman.  She just would not shut up.  My I-pod battery died on me and I had forgotten my book. Sigh!

I was not dealing well with life’s little irritants that day! To day 66.