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Work, life and things in between – Day 62 – I need a lift!

Work, life and things in between – Day 62 – I need a lift!

9 am classes and they lasted all day.  It was raining , so everyone was happy.  We were back to normal.  The snow had gone away.

I was tired.  I sat in class and was struggling with concentration.  My left eye was twitching. An undeniable sign of fatigue…how could I be tired? I had been off work for nearly 3 months by then.

I averaged 8 hours sleep most every night, although seldom uninterrupted.  I did not have a boss, a husband or a child needing anything on a regular basis.  Why tired?  Where was my energy going?  I needed a lift! something to pick me up.

I did not know actually.  Perhaps I should blame this on the perpetual need of managing the “to do“list?  Amazing how this list was and continues to be endless.  The more you cross off its top the more it grows out from the bottom.  Much like your e-mails wouldn’t you say?

Besides, class was depressing.  80% of the entrepreneurs who venture in new business fail.  I was so glad they told us that.  Nothing like a pep talk to get you going!

The more I sat and listened, the more I was reminded of things I had to do:  market analysis, business plan, checking with the accountant, with the lawyer, the insurance broker, the Better Business Bureau, preparing promotional material, creating web site, seeking advice on creating a web site, updating social media sites, bla, bla, bla….and as far as I was concerned, I had not started being on sabbatical yet.  Meaning, I had not had a break.

Seemed to me it would be months before I would be ready to hit the road and start earning an income.  By then, a chunk of my money will be gone….and what if I run out? What if I don’t make enough to afford me the life style I want? What if I can’t establish myself in both cities and have to decide between the two?

This was a lot of what tired me.  I knew.  I got home and it was already dark outside.  I was leaving again the next day.  Going to Montreal for a very brief week end.

This schedule is starting to get to me.  So much of me wants everything.  The balance is the struggle here.

So tonight, I turn everything off, including my brain, and go to bed early and just as I did, I got a text message from my daughter. –“Mom, Urgent! What is a tragic opera with a very well-known melody?”

It sounded like a contest. “What do I win?” I texted back.

“Nothing, I need it for classes tomorrow”.

Tomorrow? It was past midnight on her watch! Don’t you love your kids?  If I was getting ready to turn in for the night, granted I go to bed early, this meant it is way past her bedtime.

Tragic opera?  My first thought was for Mozart’s Don Giovanni.  Hardly appropriate for a 22 year old, 110 pound red head beauty.  Then I am thinking Wagner, Verdi, Puccini, …..problem is tragic is not always popular.  She has 30 seconds for the audience to recognize the piece. To me, Cinderella is a better character for her…she is a princess, but of course, I’m the Mom!

I did what everybody does nowadays. I went on YouTube and came across a lot of Maria Callas’ performances .  The majority are romantic arias.  Perfect! I settled on Madame Butterfly. Most people will recognize it, I was hoping.

By the time I replied with my suggestion, her phone was off.  Here is the smart one I thought!  Let me do the same. To day 63.