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Work, life and things and in between – Day 58 – Deeply rooted!

Work, life and things and in between – Day 58 – Deeply rooted!

In the mail that day was a statement from my former employer’s pension provider.  That, I hoped, was to be the last of the “transition items” I needed to deal with.

It was noticeable, and still is actually (some things never go away) how instantly my energy is drained when I have to deal with automated systems, passwords, lost ID numbers, priority calls on hold, etc.   There is such an urge on my part to drop it all and let them get away with it. But, if I don’t fight for what is mine, then I would end up being the loser. That is not on my plan.

It is hard to win in that arena though.

However that day, perseverance paid off.  In addition to retrieving $2000 that had gone astray from my retirement plan,  I cancelled a credit card I had not requested, had not activated and for which I now owed $120 of annual service fees.  The nerve they have!

Considering the whole thing took just over two hours, it was still a pretty good return on my time investment if you don’t factor in the life depreciation factor for accumulated frustrations and built up anger!  I am sure I have shortened my life by at least a few hours though going through this ordeal!

At least it got done and I could then move on to other things.

I had an early flight to Montreal that morning.  It was minus 3 degrees and snowing in Vancouver. Sunny and + 6 in Montreal.  My boots and warm coat were in Montreal of course (logic would suggest) and I left home in my shoes and raincoat….it is hard to always be on the right side of things!

My time on the plane was spent writing mostly. A good time.  I was even frustrated when I heard the engines slow down and felt a slight pitch forward…We were nearing our destination. Please! I am not done I wanted to say.  Isn’t there a holding pattern you can go into? A diversion to the next airport?  I didn’t want to stop.

This is how much I enjoy it.

Funny how I can sit on an airplane with 300 people around me, next to the galley, with the announcements going on and off and be able to write.  Yet, you put me in a single room with one other individual reading the paper next to me and I can’t concentrate.

Another research topic!

Tem was at the airport so this made landing a good cause!  We drove directly to Ottawa where he had a 3 day conference he was attending.  So I decided to come along and take in the city and the good life.

Sometimes I struggle with the good life.

It is as though I feel like it will turn into a pumpkin at a given time, much like Cinderella’s carriage, and leave me on the curb, without so much as a bicycle to get home.  It is safer not to get used to it somehow.

Not sure why I think goodness is on a timer . I think it is as hard for me to get used to this than it was to make a mid-life turn around with my 3 children when my marriage found itself in a dead end.

Well, no. Not quite as hard, but still, it is challenging me.

Somehow holding my breath, hunkering down and pressing forward comes more naturally, than stretching on a lawn chair and sipping iced tea.  Some behaviors are deeply rooted.

Sometimes I think I should turn my gym membership into a shrink membership!  Wonder if they work on a retainer? To day 59.