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Work, life and things in between – Day 117- Pacing yourself!

Work, life and things in between – Day 117- Pacing yourself!

I was a rookie at this.  I looked into social media, networking events, speaking opportunities, board opportunities, I contacted people at home, abroad, focusing strictly on coaching, and then on HR support, and on leadership development , etc.

I inquired about office space, renting meeting rooms, working visa for the States, creating associations, introducing group coaching.

I attended all kinds of seminars on line and in person.  I held so many meetings at Starbucks  even my bladder refused to go there anymore…I met experts on topics as varied and unpredictable as my mood swings on PMS.

Launching your business comes with some anxiety and hyperactivity. Pacing yourself is an art.

Much like the marathon runner or better yet,  when you move into a new house.  The need for survival dictates that you unpack the necessities such as bed, kettle, coffee jar and the cooler holding the cold beer.  Then you put the rest wherever it seems appropriate at the time.  As you take ownership of the house and actually live in it, you start really fixing it to your liking and comfort.

That is if you are not married to my Ex.

With him you need to know where the snow tires are when you go to bed on the first night in your new house, even though you move on the July 1st long week-end. Basically, you unpack and store until you drop.

For anyone else you tend to do it incrementally.

So it is with starting your business. You don’t need to be smarter than the next guy, have a bullet proof plan and 3 year worth of income in the bank.  You don’t need to have a PhD or be friends with the Prime Minister. You just need to be downright driven, stubborn and determined that this is where you are going come rain, hail or high water.  Might take 6 months, might take 18. Does not matter.  You are in for the long haul and no, it is not an all inclusive, all you can eat scenario.  It is grocery shopping for a family of 4 the day before payday….it is tight!

But the passion you have for what you do will make you put up with the challenges…..In the end, if it is worth it to you, you are willing to stick your neck out and take the punches….if not, you can just gather your goods and move on.

The difficult part is to keep at it when it does not seem to be moving forward. In other words, when you are putting in far more than you are getting out.  In financial terms that is a bad investment.  In life, that is a risk.  Your tolerance to risk will determine your chances of success. Not always, but often.

But when you start seeing the first glimpse of daylight coming up on the horizon, when once in a while you have a good day, you instantly forget how dark it was just before sunrise…it actually takes little to excite you a lot and that is called a high yield!

Just don’t give up until the sun comes up! To day 118.