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Work, life and things in between – Day 116 – So now what?

Work, life and things in between – Day 116 – So now what?

It had been one year to the day when I came back from Corsica to start my new life.  This time I was back from Newfoundland and still facing my new life.  This had been a long new life!

It may be an endless one, just like the the tides I had the immense pleasure of watching that summer.  They came and went and never rested.  Such is a good life.  Always new, always fresh.

So, then what? I was not sure all my ducks were in a row.

Would somebody ring my doorbell? Dial my number? Send me an e-mail? Call for help? Would anyone notice the fact that I was out there, ready, willing and capable of offering a substantial product?

Considering that my course was completed, my website and blog were launched, my vacation was over, my bank account near empty and that luckily I had secured a few clients, what remained was to ensure sustainability.

The thought that my financial stability depended exclusively on me was an impressive one. Impressive as in scary. Of course my income always depended on my efforts.  In a corporation however, your efforts are diluted as many thousand times as there are employees so, shall we say, the pressure is not the same.

Talk about direct line of sight! This is exactly the environment we dream of creating when putting together an incentive plan.  No kidding!

Not knowing what your future will be is a frightening thing.  Yes I know.  Nobody can predict the future, but when you have a 9 to 5 job where you are expected to show up every Monday morning, where status reports are reviewed every Thursday, and when you know the amount that will be deposited in your bank account every month, you have a darn good idea of what your future holds…or at least some of what it holds.

So shifting your mindset to looking into a black hole and liking it is a skill.

We have a saying in coaching.  We call it the impossible future. Impossible because this is how it appears.  The name of the game is to make it possible and this is where I was.

Somehow selling a company felt a lot easier than that!  It was part of a team effort.  There is comfort in a team.  For one thing, the spotlight is not exclusively on you and failures, as successes, are shared.

Being a single woman band is a lot more drafty than that.  This is being live on stage without a crew and no one waiting to drive you home after the show.

It’s all about you. I figured this out quickly.To day 117.