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Work, life and things in between – Day 111- My 3 goals!

Work, life and things in between – Day 111- My 3 goals!

That was the last day of a two day retreat I attended with an Executive group. Retreat to me sounded like when I was a pre-teen and my mom and dad would go away for a week end with some members of our church. “To think and talk” my mom would say when I asked her why they had to go away.  Why you needed to be somewhere else to think and talk was beyond me at the time.  Today it makes sense.

So, as any good retreat would have you do, we had to share goals with each others.  I knew I would not get away with it, so I obliged: Put my business on line, secure three clients and publish a first book.  All three had deadlines: respectively they were short,mid and long term.  The latest being the book before December 2012.

They thought nothing of putting the business on line, suggested I was being lazy with aiming for only three clients and gasped at the book.

One question they asked though:  Why only three clients?

Because landing a first client is often, but not always, a lucky event.  You stumble upon someone, you meet a colleague of a colleague, etc….and since he knows you, or knows of you, he is comfortable to trust you with his needs. This is potentially your first client. A second one may just be the tail end of that lucky streak.  The third one definitely means there is something there.  Until you have contracted your third client, you have not been received in the hall of fame in my book. Of course, you don’t just stop there, but three is the passing grade.

And off I went, my 3 goals down on paper but mostly they were twirling in my head, and this was just the beginning. To day 112.