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Work, life and things in between – Day 104- A steady slope!

Work, life and things in between – Day 104- A steady slope!

Talking about saving the world and trying to decide what I will do and how, here are the tapes my brain was playing those days, going from one to the next and then starting over again.

  • To heck with this coaching business!  I am going to sit here and write until my three books are finished. I will post them on line and publish them. Then I will take a real sabbatical, or,
  • I will no longer doubt the outcome of my efforts. I will apply the power of positive thinking and act today as though my practice was already established.  I will secure a place of business in Montreal and Vancouver, book my flights and be a coach! Then clients will come.  I like that much better than trying to find the clients in order to be a coach,  or,
  • I will sell my condo in Montreal.  Then, living will be a cheap exercise for me.  I will enroll in piano, yoga and painting classes, or,
  • I will sell both condos, buy a nice place in the country with Tem, write, paint, stretch, read, and curl up with the cat until the cows come home!

The only break I got from that merry-go-round was when I slept. It was a constant concern, much like being pregnant and not knowing if the baby is healthy.  Some days you are high with the thought of the new born about to be in your life and others you are terrified with the possibility that this will all go wrong.  Mostly you feel that all you can do is wait.

You go up and down, up and down.

I knew that there was no value in thinking negatively but let’s be real.  Just because I knew what the right mind set was did not mean I instantly had it.

Life is not managed by the wish list stuck under your fridge magnet alone. It is a series of hurdles.  Some higher than others, more often than not, looking like a restless, steady slope.

Learning to pace yourself is what it is all about. To day 105.