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Work, life and things in between – Day 102 – In my element!

Work, life and things in between – Day 102 – In my element!

I finally sat down that day to do what I had been meaning to do all week.  Prepare for the board directorship interview scheduled for the following week.

I sat with my books,  my notes and Wikipedia open so that I could refer to it every time I had a question.  I was calculating ratio, running “acid test” on companies, searching the web for proxy statement and annual reports, trying to create my own refresher course with what I suspected would be topic of discussions.

It was a drill. Quickly, I noticed how my energy shifted as I progressed into the afternoon.  By the end of the day, I was totally deprived of any.

One had to wonder why I did this?  Why pursue something that did not contribute to my well being?

Well, for starter, I didn’t know if it did or not.  Just because it was hard did not mean it could not be right.  Also, could it be that it was draining me simply because I was not approaching this the right way?

I have learned that sometimes it is not so much that you are in the wrong place, but rather that you are in the wrong attitude.  The place is only circumstantial.

A totally different ball game!

What if all I needed to bring to the table was my background in HR?  What if my best attributes were who I am and what I knew in my field of expertise?  This was not such a far-fetched idea , was it?

Gladly, Tem and I ended the day by attending a piano concert with family where my niece was performing.

As I sat in the room listening to my niece interpreting Tchaikovsky with energy and passion, I looked around.  This was the local library’s exhibit hall.  There were paintings on the walls behind the grand piano.  Bright, overpowering, over the top paintings.

I sat there and took it all in.  This felt right.  Comfortable.  Actually, it felt like I was “in my element” as they say.

More so than a boardroom you might have asked?

Well, at first, I was inclined to say yes.  But what if the boardroom had bright colorful paintings and was interested in how individuals grow and progress and by doing so, contributed to the business?  What if creativity was part of the curriculum? Then I might like that….To day 103.