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Which one are you?

Which one are you?

Forbes has an interesting article by Jessica Hagy about the 6 people you mush have in your corner. According to Jessica, they are: The Instigator, the Cheerleader, the Doubter, the Taskmaster, the Connector and the Example. She goes on to give a brief description of each one and why you need them in your immediate circle.

I find it interesting that, when asked which one the reader thought was the most important, the majority, albeit a small one, said the “Example”is the most important.  I was disappointed.  This suggests to me that we are still waiting for someone to lead the way and tell us what to do.  Taking the lead, for a majority of people, is still something that belongs to someone else. Why?

A lot of people believe they have limitations that prevent them from being able to take the lead.  I have found that these limitations are more often than not, self imposed.  Fundamentally, who you think you are in your head is who you show up to be in the world.  Change that thought, you will change who you are.

How do you change a thought?  Well the easy answer would be: simply pick another one but it is not that simple.  I know.  But think back of a time when you found yourself in a situation you had not planned or anticipated and initially felt ill equipped to deal with but had no choice but to face it.  How did you do? Many of us come out on top of these situations and yet, had we had the choice, we would have avoided them.

This should tell us a few things.  One is you can do more than you think.  Another one is don’t wait until you have everything planned and figured out before you move forward.  Take a leap, risk a little.

Finally, don’t wait  until you have “mastered it all” before taking a leading position.  Mastery is a life long process.  You expand yourself by embracing more.  Regardless of your type, style, profile, strengths and weaknesses, you will need to stretch out of your comfort zone and look to others for support.  Leaders need to be different things to different people at different times.  No one knows it all and owns all the wisdom.

How you lead yourself, and others, matters.