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Looking for clarity around coaching?

Looking for clarity around coaching?

Are you confused between business coaching, executive coaching, transition, life, football and fitness coaching?  Don’t feel bad.  A lot of people are.  I can make this simple.  Coaching is to coaching what cooking is to cooking.  Does this help?

Think about it.  You have Italian cooking, Chinese cooking, French, Bolivian and Nouvelle Cuisine, to name a few.  They all have the same goal:  preparing food for human consumption. Whether one is better than the other, depends on what you like, or what you need.

Coaching is no different.  The goal is to help. Help at whatever it is you need help with.  Instead of choosing ethnicity (as for food), you choose a discipline (as in executive, transition, etc.)

There is still some confusion around executive and business coaches.  I am not sure it is worth the trouble trying to differentiate the two. Typically business coaching is, well as it says, about the business and how to improve it.  Executive coaching often has a stronger focus on the individual running the business and how he/she can grow, improve, work to his/her strengths etc.

Since effective coaching always looks at the individual and the situation in a wholesome manner, whether it is about the business or the individual does not really matter since both will be embraced anyway.  That is why you should not spend too much time trying to distinguish the two.  There is no business without an executive and vice-versa.  Let’s keep this simple.

What is important to recognize is that a Coach, an executive one in my case, is a partner you hire to help you reach your goals, and that is what matters.