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How to be different!

How to be different!

We all know how to be good at what we do.  It is assumed that we have reached that level or know how to get there.  But, do we know how to be good at who we are?

Asking the question is actually answering it.  Anyone who has had to present herself for any kind of selection, be it a job, a promotion, a project assignment, etc. knows the value of standing out.  A lot of people however struggle mightily with how to do that. They feel they are being asked to put a song and dance together and they don’t like it.  It is my opinion that the more you try, the least you succeed.  The song and dance is the problem.

The secret weapon in standing out is to stand up.  Be yourself. Do your best and don’t apologize for who you are.  How could you?  This is your best offer !  Personalities are like emotions.  If you focus on the dark side, you quickly forget how bright it is on the other side.  You lose that perspective.  Others will see what you will present them, and if you have lost sight of your good side, then guess what they see….Then all that great stuff you have to offer is out of sight.

Some people are so convinced that who they are is not good enough that they find it next to impossible to show their true selves.  Next time you feel the urge to be who you are not, resist it.  Start small if this scares you. Try it though.  Test yourself on a small event; speak your mind at a meeting with colleagues you know well, friends at lunch, at home.  You will be surprised.  It is much easier than you think and the surprise is the self-esteem and energy boost you get from doing this.

How you lead yourself, and others, matters.