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There is body alignment, political party alignment, structural alignment, planetary alignment, but my favorite is wheel alignment.  Not that I am into cars myself, but the definition totally fits the picture: “wheel and suspension angles which affect performance and wear”.

That’s it.

When the efforts you put into your life, your work, your relationship, etc., wear you down and are greater than the results you get, check the alignment.

What does that mean? It means being true to who you are. Being connected to something meaningful to you. The more you participate in it, the more energized you get.  There are efforts involved, and hard work, and trials and tribulations, no doubt. This is life. But there is no confusion and far less frustrations. You know why you do the things you do.

Think of it as going through life with a tail wind as opposed to a head wind.

Alignment: One simple word that can change your world.


How you lead yourself, and others, matters.