At the heart of my coaching:

Knowing and improving self to allow individuals to work to their strengths and recognize their opportunities for growth and be able to leverage both.
Building efficient relationships at workto enable individuals to influence others and drive for results.
Managing and leading change, more particularly the transition phase leading to change, to be able to inspire others, build trust, and provide strong leadership in a time of instability while maintaining the business on course. This is needed to accelerate the transition process, engage employees and ensure success.

In all cases, a willingness to work with feedback and stretch out of one’s comfort zone is part of a successful coaching experience.

Our services:

Executive coaching:

  • One on One coaching:  An intentional process leading to action and change,
  • Team coaching: Optimizing team results by developing trust, accountability and commitment as well as enhancing communication,
  • Live-action coaching:   On-site observation of individual patterns of behavior and communication for the benefits of providing feedback, and enhancing communication,
  • Group coaching: providing the structure and support needed to align behaviors and goals in order to enhance performance,
  • Type or behavioral assessment: To increase self-awareness (ex: Myers Briggs, 360 degree assessment, Firo-B),

Workshop and public speaking:

  • Leveraging talent:  “On matters of talent management, succession planning, developing productive working relationships, HR as a business partner, etc.,
  • On matters of change management and transition and how to overcome resistance.


  • In TransitAuthor of “In Transit”: A memoir offering a realistic portrait of transition as experienced by individuals. What they can expect and how they typically react.
    Published with IUniverse Inc., 12/2012.
  • 10 LeadersCo-author of “10 Leaders remarquables” a collection of successful leaders’ testimonies.
    Published with Clermont Éditeur/Les Éditions Mon Succès, 01/2014.
    Available in French only.

How does coaching work?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

GISELE AUBIN further defines it as an assisted, fully integrated continuous improvement process taking into consideration the entire individual.

As coaching is a relationship based on trust, coach and client must connect and communicate openly. To that end, an initial meeting is held when the client can assess the relationship. If deemed, successful, then formal contracting occurs.
Coaching is a 4 step process:

      1. The assessment (understanding the current situation)
      2. The learning (identifying the issues)
      3. The possibilities (establishing the end goal) and,
      4. The realization (action plan and delivery)

We typically navigate through these steps using meaningful, intentional conversations.  Meetings take place in one to two hour sessions, mostly every other week, over the phone or face to face, as per client’s requests.  An average duration of the coaching mandate is six to nine months.

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