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    Gisele travaille en tant que Coach certifiée auprès de leaders engagés dans leur développement professionnel. Vous pouvez lire sa biographie en suivant ce lien.

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    Communicate to connect!

    (English) Your ability to communicate and connect with others is a major factor in reaching your full potential.

    On the growth path!

    (English) Truth is, anyone engaged on a growth path, be it professional or personal, must be engaged on the road to reduce « what they don’t know ».

    Silence comes with a price!

    (English) Avoiding a conversation is an immediate relief and an illusion of time gained. So when will you have it now?

    Put yourself in their shoes!

    (English) Don’t you want to say: Look! I’ll wear my shoes, you wear yours and life will be a lot simpler.

    All that people stuff!

    (English) Trying to understand people is complex. It becomes easier when you are willing to experience them.