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    Gisele is a Certified Executive Coach working with leaders seeking to enhance their leadership presence. See her profile.

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    Servant leadership!

    Most people have heard of this expression. Many are still uncomfortable with it. No need to.

    Managing numbers or leading people?

    Systems are not necessarily the guilty parties. Lack of attention to the individuals often is.

    Communicate to connect!

    Your ability to communicate and connect with others is a major factor in reaching your full potential.

    On the growth path!

    Truth is, anyone engaged on a growth path, be it professional or personal, must be engaged on the road to reduce “what they don’t know”.

    Silence comes with a price!

    Avoiding a conversation is an immediate relief and an illusion of time gained. So when will you have it now?

    Put yourself in their shoes!

    Don’t you want to say: Look! I’ll wear my shoes, you wear yours and life will be a lot simpler.

    A balancing act!

    A recent study on Emotional Intelligence found that EI scores rise with titles.

    You need support!

    To be a successful leader, you need to be supported and that will depend on how well you support others.

    Here is your “Q”

    85% of our financial success is due to self-management and relationship-management also known as self-mastery and people skills.