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    Gisele is a Certified Executive Coach working with leaders seeking to enhance their leadership presence. See her profile.

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    Executive coaching is alive and well!

    Despite some erratic behavior in the level of activity in the last few years, mostly due to the challenges the economy was facing, it continues to gain ground.

    Same but different!

    There is a non-verbal, agreed upon, collective wisdom to acquiring maturity.  I mean maturity of all sorts such as financial, emotional, social etc.

    Most people will …
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    Emotional Intelligence!

    I know, I know.  We have been talking about this for years now since Daniel Goleman published his first book in the nineties.  But there …
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    There is body alignment, political party alignment, structural alignment, planetary alignment, but my favorite is wheel alignment.  Not that I am into cars myself, but …
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    Follow the rainbow

    You can’t wait for passion to come to you the way you wait for the bus.

    Executive coaching and manageable expectations.

    Success is incremental. Learning to recognize the steps leading to it will allow us to replenish ourselves and reach further.

    Growing the top line!

    Growing the top line is to the business what coaching is to the individual; it can create wealth.

    How to be different!

    The secret weapon in standing out is to stand up.

    Executive coaching and dysfunctional teams

    In Executive Coaching we often come across dysfunctional teams. They are as common as rain in November.