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    You need support!

    Didn’t things feel lighter when all you had to do as a Leader was to set the goal and the timeline, and make sure you had the right people to do the job?  When was there such a time you might ask.  Good question.  That might have been a while back.  Today that is still required mind you, but so much more comes into play. To be a successful leader, among other things, you need to be able to accomplish things through others, thus the need to be supported .  It also helps to recognize that the extent to which you will be supported depends greatly on how you deal with people.

    Not fair you think?  Well, it is because the latter dictates the former. There is no way around it.  Sorry.

    A gentleman by the name of Robert J.Sternberg, whose business is cognitive psychology, and whose activities include a PhD from Stanford, defines intelligence as”the skill to achieve whatever it is you want to attain in your life within your sociocultural context by capitalizing on your strengths and compensating for, or correcting, your weaknesses.”  We never like to talk about weaknesses, we much prefer opportunities as a terminology, but you get it.  Being able to work to your strengths and mentoring others as you go along is how everybody benefits. Similarly, identifying and embracing your areas of opportunities as a way to make others shine and learn from their strengths create a sure way to tap on everyone’s talent.  Sternberg also talks about the need to adapt, the benefits of creativity as much as capability in order to be able to shape and define the environment one wants to create.

    To create anything, you need a team.  Herein lies the need for support and people will support you once they know that you are there for them.  It is fair play. Isn’t that great?  This is what us coaches promote all day.  Day in and day out.

    See?  We did not make this up.  Someone else did.

    The absolute best part of the story is that Sternberg in his young age (grade school) was identified as having a somewhat limited IQ capability until such time as his 4th grade teacher challenged him to prove everybody wrong.  Because he felt supported and elevated by the fact that someone believed in him, he took on the challenge and succeeded.  The rest as they say, is history,

    A leader, as any other individual, can’t do everything right, all the time, the first time and never miss a beat.  Somethings are just not visible in one’s own eyes. Why pretend otherwise? Get someone to support you by being their best supporter yourself. It is so much easier that way.

    How you lead yourself, and others, matters.

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