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    Here is your “Q”

    According to a study presented by the Carnegie Institute of Technology, 85% of our financial success can be attributed to human engineering skills which they further define to mean self-management and relationship-management. I call it self-mastery and people skills. Same difference.

    That study was conducted some years ago.  Today much has been said on the topic. We have further defined the human engineering skills to include  EQ (Emotional Intelligence, the awareness of your own feelings and those of others and knowing what to do with them), BQ (Body Intelligence, the ability to listen to and take care of one’s body), and MQ (Moral Intelligence, refers to integrity, responsibility, forgiveness, etc).

    Simply said, we are talking about our ability to communicate and lead, using all resources in the most efficient manner.

    In theory, this means that only 15% of our success is due to technical knowledge, or what we traditionally call the IQ.

    Think about it.Think about the efforts, time and money we spend in developing skill sets in the workplace, namely the IQ.  Rightly so, mind you.  It is not what we spend on IQ enhancement that is of concern as much as the delta between what we spend developing the IQ versus  the other three Qs, now that we know which ones contribute to success the most.

    It would be like spending most of your efforts on the few clients who will never amount to more than 15% of your sales revenue.  I am sure you can do the math and conclude the same as me.  We are busy, but are we efficient?

    Does it feel like your wheels are spinning?

    Does this sound like a complete shift ? You are probably thinking that you are already putting more than a fair share of efforts at work and if that only represents 15% of what is needed, then they can pretty well forget about it because you don’t have another 85 pounds of flesh to give!

    Don’t worry, it is not about doing more, it is about doing differently.  Ask a coach.  You can sit down and sort this out together.

    How you lead yourself, and others, matters.

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