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    Gisele is a Certified Executive Coach working with leaders seeking to enhance their leadership presence. See her profile.

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    A balancing act!

    A recent study on Emotional Intelligence found that EI scores rise with titles.

    You need support!

    To be a successful leader, you need to be supported and that will depend on how well you support others.

    Here is your “Q”

    85% of our financial success is due to self-management and relationship-management also known as self-mastery and people skills.

    Do you know what’s good for you?

    When you work with authenticity, it comes naturally.

    You need to get to the core

    When you stop trying to sustain who you are not, and finally become who you really are, real growth occurs.

    You are your own leader

    You have heard the saying: Your career is your business, run it like one. The same applies to your life.

    The leadership presence

    “Can you help me get leadership presence?” My boss told me to get some!

    Why hire an executive coach anyway?

    To do things you probably would not do on your own.

    Hear the buzz about coaching?

    Overall, 60% of all coaches surveyed reported an increase in their number of clients, and revenue, over last year.