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    Work, life and things in between – Day 83 – No rain, all shine!

    My plans got all screwed up because it was so nice and sunny that day, I had to go out and play.  I had been counting on rain so I could get ahead with my reading.  However, when the sun shines in Vancouver, regardless of your plans, you celebrate! You go out and play.

    So playing outside allowed my brain free time to think.  Those days, I was mostly toying with the idea of creating a website.  Since I was as familiar with website design as I was and still am with molecular biology (not quite that bad, but nearly…) it meant a lot of digging, searching and a very high risk of spending hours surfing the net only to land on some fishing gear apparatus in Norway  or something of that nature if I did not aim this right.

    I caught myself just in time. Thinking that I had promised myself to seek help and try to stay away from doing everything by myself I started to wonder how I was doing thus far.

    Not well.  That knee jerk reaction of stepping in and trying to do it all by myself needed to end. It was not so much that I liked it better that way but I figured, the time spent looking for help could have been spent finding the solution….and that way I got to the solution faster.

    Why was it an issue to get to the solution faster? Well, maybe so I could move on to the next project faster….easy to see how this could quickly become a vicious circle.

    Not sure if my brain thought that I would win something at the end of my life for having put in more projects than the average human being….or if , again, I was just bulimic by nature!

    I have said it before and will say it again: My life will never be long enough for me to do everything I want to do….so the clock is ticking!

    Since I had the privilege of not working with a deadline, I turned everything off and headed outside. Still sunny.  Why resist?

    Besides, it is when my brain is under the least resistance that it does its best thinking….so with a bit of luck, I might come up with the theme for my website somewhere between Second and Third beach. Who knows?

    Worth giving it a try! To day 84.

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