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    Work, life and things in between – Day 80 – Both sides!

    My parents are 89 years old.  There is nothing you can offer them as gifts.  They have had it all and they don’t like to collect stuff anymore.  So, when I wanted to give them something, I gave them a printed copy of my blog so far.   Although my dad could read it on line, my mother would not.

    After having read it, they gave me some feedback that was surprising to me.  They claimed to have discovered a side of me they had not seen before. They said that in looking closer they saw how there were two different sides to me. My mom and dad? a side of me they did not know?

    They have taken me from diapers to the altar! how can there be a side of me they had not seen before?

    I found this most interesting because I did not think I was revealing any big secrets. In fact, it is a mere reflection of my day to day life.  What’s inner about that?

    Perhaps I share more of myself through writing than I do talking?  This is highly possible.  I am not much of a talker.  Hate talking on the phone and can’t stand small talk.  However, you get me across the table with a good bottle of wine and nice friends ( though not necessarily in that order), and I can talk all night….other than that, not much of a talker, I’ll admit.

    I am wondering though….if the people closest to me do not know all of me, what do I know of them? All of a sudden, you wonder if everyone is a stranger, including yourself!

    What if that hidden side was invisible even to myself?  how will I ever see it?

    Equally disturbing though is the fact that the part people seem to love most is the hidden one.  The side they did not know about…  What does this say about the outward me?? the side they are familiar with?

    This is getting to be too much of a “to be or not to be” reflection….Lighten up.  Blogging is intended to be fun! To day 81.

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