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    Work, life and things in between – Day 79 – Crisp and clear!

    Quite a bit of my time that morning was spent negotiating the lease renewal on my condo in Montreal. The tenant was due to leave the following month.  He wanted to stay for another 6 months, but he did not want to pay, or at least not enough for me to want to keep him.

    He was tenacious. We already know that I am stubborn.  I ended up making a final offer he would neither accept or refuse.  He needed more time he said. That was fine.

    What was of interest to me was the fact that I actually enjoyed the exchange.  Reminded me of my labor negotiation days, but mostly made me realize how easy it is to make a decision  when you know your limits and you are clear on what you want and do not want.

    I am reminded that I will continue to work at this (defining the boundaries) as I refine my future job:  Boil it down to a crisp, clear, razor sharp picture so there will be no ambiguity and tons of certainty

    No ambiguity and a ton of certainty…not sure I ever had that in my life.  Not sure it makes sense to strive for that…I know for a fact that every bone in my body disagrees with the approach of determining everything in advance. It would however appear that this is what one needs to do in order to earn the right to hang your shingle on the street.

    Whatever…..Time to go to yoga. I made it nicely through the session but my brain was tired after the 90 minute session.  That was odd.  You would think my body would be the one to complain….

    So  on account of a lazy brain I did not get much writing done. However I somehow started to play with business card designs and ended up creating mine. The brain was not too tired to do that! How about that?  I had a lot of fun playing with this.

    Working on my business card made me think about my blog, the website and all I could do with this, and also all there was still to be done.  It quickly became overwhelming.  There was (and still is) so much I do not know in that area…I bought the proverbial “blog for dummies” book to read on the next flight . Hopefully, it will help.

    Stay tuned! To day 80.

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