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    Work, life and things in between – Day 78 – They grow on you!

    I had 2 classes back to back that day and then I was heading out of town to visit a friend. My friends, as for many things in my life, just showed up one day and for all kinds of reasons stuck around and started growing on me.

    Some friendships were like bush fires. They were very intense but short lived. Others never really took a life of their own…but the lasting ones are like a rainbow; all colorful, brighter some days, dimmer others, but always there. You don’t need to visit them all the time, but you need to make sure they know what they mean to you.

    Everybody wants to be meaningful to someone else. Friendships are a great way to share the love!

    I was actually driving there with another friend, so there were three of us.  It was an event since I so seldom drove anywhere, and still don’t. Walking is my favorite transportation mode.

    In fact I used my car so little that I was thinking of selling it.  But selling your car is like turning in your ID badge and equipment when you leave your employer…there is something very destabilizing about that and at that time, even though I had made some tremendous gains when it came to quality of life, I still felt some losses as it related to my professional status and my sense of purpose…so getting rid of the car would wait until all of this was well healed!

    One of my objectives when I started this sabbatical was to reconnect with friends, the real ones. The ones whose company I enjoy. So, even though I was not working on my business yet, I was moving closer towards my goals.

    So, we met at the pub, ordered nachos, wings and drinks.  These were 2 good friends of mine.  We were normally 4, but one of us could not make it that night. They were and still are my wet coast set of “long time” friends!

    Friendships evolve in a totally mysterious way in one’s life.  These friends were all colleagues at one time, and among all the other colleagues, we 4 stuck together.  Why? Not sure…chemistry perhaps?

    Now we have woven a place in each other’s lives and I would venture to say that we will stick for many years to come…although we are not totally gelled yet…Some of us seem to hold on to that relationship more than others.

    Could be that they have never been lonely and do not know the pain of being without friends, yet.  If you do not know the value of friendship, you do not fuss over losing it.

    In any case, when we get together, all topics are on the table; barred none: work, money, relationships, sports, sex, music, love, politics, you name it .

    Freedom of speech! I will not be the first one to say that it is a fundamental element of any meaningful relationship. To day 79.

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