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    Work, life and things in between – Day 45 – Put some color on!

    I am going back to the outplacement office to get my picture taken.  They offer complimentary head-shot for your business cards, LinkedIn etc.  May as well take advantage of it.  Just as I am leaving, Ed calls.  He is coming downtown for a meeting this morning.  Turns out our meetings are within a few blocks of each other’s and at the same time.  Perfect!

    How is it that you look at yourself every day in the mirror and therefore, one would assume, are very familiar with your face but can’t recognize it on a picture? My theory is that there is a serious case of denial going on here.  This face cannot be mine.  Mine has bright eyes, sparkling white teeth, flowing hair….and this picture is stiff, older and void of any “life”. It is one-dimensional

    For crying out loud lady, put some real life back into this body! Turn on the colors, crank up the music!

    Seriously, I am shocked. This can’t be me? what happened to the girl I thought I was?

    I wonder…if the girl I think I am is not the girl I see, what does that tell me about the life I think I want? is this too slippery?

    Enough already. This is going to change. Just watch me! In the meantime, Ed and I meet at this nice Italian cafe downtown and have cappuccino and biscotti.  There is something unmistakably efficient about an Italian environment to make a woman feel good again! What a nice way to end the morning.

    I walk back home.  I don’t mind the rain.  It is refreshing at times.  Because I want to make it to the pool before 3  pm, so I have time to do one hour of laps before all the swim classes start, and because I don’t have any lunch ready at home (I am not talking about my cooking anymore!), I stop to buy lunch on the way.

    As I often do, I surf the web while I eat my lunch.  One of the option I have been toying with is to go back to school.  I love studying.  Were I independently wealthy, I would be a lifelong student.  Among the various programs I am considering, one I am more interested in than others is Executive Coaching. I have been wanting to enroll in this program for years but could never find the time. Sounds familiar?

    I feel I have hit on something interesting….but I won’t let this stop me from going to the pool though. I can always look at that later.

    If work-life balance cannot be accomplished while on vacation, then we are all doomed. To day 46.

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