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    Work, life and things in between – Day 43 – Being courted!

    I have a Voice Mail this morning when I get up.  A well known Head Hunters firm from Montreal is asking me to call them back.  Turns out they want me to consider a very nice job in a very nice company.  Canada’s top 50.  The job is in Montreal, they need my cv translated in French, they would want me to start next month, and I would need to be in Montreal next week….Gasping for air.

    Didn’t I say I did not want to go back to the Corporate world? Did I actually say it or did I just think it?  Was that decided?  I need to ask my brain…I try to avoid these decisions myself….

    Did I say I was not ready to move back to Montreal or is that also under review?

    I call them back of course. There is something irresistible about being courted!

    I commit to sending them my resume because I just can’t say no to that kind of call.  I tell them however that I am not available until January…they are a bit surprised I think. I am not sure they understand the concept of a sabbatical. Can’t blame them. Sounds like coitus interruptus…….you want to, but you don’t want to. Definitely not a positive when you are being considered for a job!

    Truth is there is no conviction on my part. You tend to think that jobs like these may not come back your way for quite a while and so you have that sense of obligation to consider them…but I think this is a fallacy….  In the end, I elect out.  I am not ready.  I am not excited about this and should they call me to tell me I have the job, I think I would break down and cry…so maybe this is a hint! You think?

    If I could decide in my head once and for all (don’t we always crave these all or nothing decisions?) whether I will go back to the Corporate world or not and whether I will live in Vancouver or Montreal, then I think I could enjoy my down time.  Until this is settled, it is hard for me to get some peace of mind.

    You see, I have this hamster constantly spinning in my head and I am desperately looking for an efficient sedative for it…nothing will put it down it seems. How do you stop a hamster dead in its tracks when it has been spinning non stop for 20+ years?

    So, as part of my resolution not to think about work and be on vacation….I decide to do a few things that will help me get there.

    First, and I agree this may seem contradictory, I commit to attend the on-boarding session from the outplacement service my former employer included in my package.  I know there is a world of information in that program that might help me sort things out and there are also mandatory actions for me to take and deadlines to comply with. So, it is more than just facts gathering, it will require some participation.

    I know there are many to think that the best way to be on vacation is to turn the computer and the blackberry off, send an out of office message and take off. Lots of wisdom in that! However it only makes sense if you are able to leave the hamster behind….my strategy is to feed it so much stuff that it will slow down and then I’ll sneak out while it is digesting……quiet!…tiptoeing out of here to day 44.

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