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    Work, life and things in between – Day 42 – A broken view!

    I could not find a Globe & Mail yesterday so I have no paper to read this morning.  I know, I know, I can get it on line but I spend enough time as it is in front of that screen…morning paper is a luxury I am holding on to.

    I always read yesterday’s news. Because I travel so much, I could not possibly begin to manage the cancellation and reinstatement of my paper delivery. Instead, I just buy it at the corner store. Because nothing short of running out of coffee will make me get dressed and get out of the house in the morning and because coffee and paper go together, I buy it the night before for the next day. What? it is not that crazy. It is not so much the news I am after as the content. It will still be good the day after!

    So today I can’t even read yesterday’s news. I decide then to tackle the pile of articles, magazines and assorted reading material piled up on my coffee table. The authors are professionals, experts, gurus, etc. There are truckloads,multitudes, millions of offerings out there.  Consultants in every walk, every area, every field you can think of. They all seem to have a PhD (or two..)and have been at it for the last 25 years…and have found just the perfect niche where the perfect customer is. Aren’t they lucky?

    Suddenly the thought of having to enter that arena feels like fighting my way through a jam packed , over crowded, hurry up we’re gonna miss the game crowd of fans filling the world largest football field.  I am looking for the exit to escape but can’t see it.

    Why would I want to embark on rock climbing when I don’t know where or even if there is a top to this journey?! What if there was no top? What if I run out of time or energy on the way up? Is there an escape route halfway up the mountain then?

    It all seems way too hard and next to impossible.  What am I thinking? Just because I have been at it all these years as well (minus the PhD or two…) then clients will select me over the next guy? and how the heck do I know who my client is?

    Remember Waldo? at least he wore a red striped shirt and a tuque so if you were patient enough when reading these “where is Waldo” books, you could eventually spot him. But who knows what my clients wear to go to work? How am I supposed to find them?

    Maybe I am too old to enter that game? Or am I just too tired this morning?

    It all looks somewhat unreachable and nearly invisible.  Like looking through a heavy curtain or a thick screen. You can make out the view on the other side, but it sure isn’t clear.  Will tomorrow draw a clearer picture?

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