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    Work, life and things in between – Day 38 – Window with a view!

    I am looking forward to a day off today.  Sitting by the window, looking at the sun playing on the water, letting it all drift; that is the plan! Because of the long week end I could not get a flight home today, so there is nothing on my agenda.

    9 am, the phone rings.  It is the Realtor.  She may have an interested tenant for my condo I have decided to rent.  Good news, except he wants to come in for a visit at 11 this morning and if interested he wants to move in on Friday this week.

    Moment of panic.  Denial.  NO! I just want the day off!

    Of course, as always, reason kicks in. I rush through the condo, clean, pick up, store, file etc… on time for the visit.

    Door bell rings. We greet, visit and: Done deal.  He will move in on Friday.

    Somehow this feels like a tidal wave.  Even though the decision to rent is mine and it is a sound business decision, I am sad to rent.  I like this condo.  I have always been proud of owning it. This was my home away from home when I was not sure where home was and it afforded me the luxury of not having to decide! Now of course I don’t need it anymore. I have an even better home in Montreal now but every time I picked up a rental car at the airport and drove to my place and showed up at the garage door to activate it by remote control, I always felt like a queen.

    Good job, well done!

    Renting it today feels like giving it away.  It feels like a good thing coming to an end….maybe it is just another loss I have to deal with and adjust to. Interesting how these losses (the condo, my job) are actually losses I had planned and welcomed and if I had to do it over again I would do the same.  Moreover, both cases lead to upsides as well but initially, they feel like a loss. There is no getting around this.

    I elect to take a break and walk to my Mom and Dad for lunch.  I will attack this after lunch. And so I do.  By 7 pm when Tem comes to pick me up, the place has been sanitized, all personal and precious items have been packed and stored, bedding changed, suitcases packed, windows washed, contract signed etc…Condo rented.

    Am I supposed to be happy besides being exhausted? Bring on tomorrow quick!

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