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    Work, life and things in between – Day 31: The shoe department?

    Today I borrow Tem’s car.  I am determined to conclude on the household goods shopping spree for the condo.  Not least on the list are the TV set and DVD player.  I have scheduled 30 minutes for that part.  This is about all I can take of overload of screen viewing and deafening sound.

    So, I head out to the nearest electronic store.  My view is that a TV is a TV is a TV once you know what you want to watch and how much you want to pay.  After all, my intention is not to turn my living room into a movie theatre, but merely be able to advertise digital flat screen TV included!

    I think I find what I want.  All I need now is a sales Rep to sell it to me and, if not asking for too much, perhaps even answer a few questions.

    I can’t find anyone in that department.  That is a rather common situation that there would be nobody to assist you as a buyer.  Has the manager ever heard of online shopping?  Such huge stores, with all that inventory and associated costs without a sales clerk to sell is mind boggling.  This is the same as a virtual store (whereas there is no sales clerk) but only with all the added cost! This is totally backward.

    Frankly today I would be better served if I could chat with some Customer Sales Rep sitting in Hyderabad than standing here in the middle of this space which looks more and more like a white elephant, except that nobody comes around to lean up the droppings!  It is a mess in here!

    In any case, my mind is made up. I am not leaving here today without a TV set. So, I ask the Teller:

    “Can someone help me in the Electronics department please”?

    “No”. He simply replies.

    I can tell this is going to be a challenging experience and potentially a real threat to my plan to buy this set today. Luckily, I know how to play nice.

    “I am terribly sorry to bother you but, if possible, I would like to spend upward of a thousand dollars here today and would like someone to help me do it.  Do you think it would be too much to ask to get some assistance?”

    “Yes.  There is no one to help. The guy did not come in today” he says.

    Now I miss Tem, or my daughter or someone to whisper in my ear to remind me that it is in my best interest to stay cool and stay put.  Where are my friends when I need them?

    “Perhaps someone else could come in and help” I insist.

    Abruptly he picks up the phone and asks for assistance in the electronics department. Good. We are making progress.

    15 minutes go by.  I am still standing here. (my Ex was right. I can be stubborn at times) a lady comes in and offers her help.  Great.

    “Are you knowledgeable in Electronics” I ask since I have a few questions.

    “No.  I work in the shoe department”. she replies.


    Now, under any other circumstances, I would always welcome someone who knows about shoes but somehow at this very moment, I fail to appreciate her skills set!

    Long story short, I buy the TV set and DVD player.  I am embarrassed to say that other than the size and price, I know very little about what they can do.  I don’t care.  I don’t watch TV.  Someone else will and based on the price I paid, it darn well should work.

    However, today again, my day feels more like a grocery list I had to go through and the only satisfaction is the ability to cross off items.  Worrisome. To day 32.

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