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    Work, life and things in between – Day 27: Suck it up Honey!

    I find it very ironic that we call these things “smart” phones! Normally smart to me has a nice ring to it …however, as it relates to phone it gives me the chill. I sure as heck don’t always feel smart using them! Regrettably, the phone is more often than not the smart one….so I guess the name is justified after all!

    I just want it to turn on when I want it on and work.  That’s it!  It does not need to warn me of upcoming snow storms or sing songs! Just dial and ring.  Remember that odd function?

    So as the story goes, I have the contact information on file but not the passwords information on file.  This is precisely while trying to sync between the phone and the laptop to upload that information that the phone crashed.

    I refuse to be told that this information is lost.  They nicely try to explain to me that it cannot be retrieved from the phone, that it is normally handled the other way around, that people have their information in their PC and then download it on their phone, bla bla bla.  Look! I said, when it comes to me and technology, “normal” takes on a whole new meaning!

    I know.  I understand English.  I get what they are saying, but I refuse to face it.

    Like a kid crying for grape juice at the restaurant when all it has to offer is apple or orange juice.  I know, for having been there, there comes a time as a parent when you simply have to say “suck it up Honey” there isn’t any! And move on.

    They actually reached that point with me.  They simply used nicer language.

    This means that for the next while, every time I want to access my personal data be it at the bank, investment firm, retail stores etc…I will have to go through the drill of “Lost your user name?” “Lost your password”? Recreate the user name…recreate the password…I am so upset.  I just want to be left alone.  I want my days to be simple.  I don’t want any such aggravations…I

    I want my grape juice.  I want it on ice with a straw and I want it now!

    Enough already!

    Who would have thought that I would ever miss having an IT department to deal with? At this very moment I am sorry for all the time I hung up on them thinking they were taking too long to provide assistance!  If I had them today I would think this is unfolding at the speed of light!  Another loss to deal with.

    Anyhow, they change the phone again and now I don’t even want to set it up.  I am sick of it already.  “Make sure it rings, receives and sends and the voice mail is activated.  The heck with the rest”.  I throw it in my purse and head back home.

    I have barely enough time to get back, shower, change and head out again for my lunch date.

    I am meeting a former colleague from Chicago who is in town for the week end.  We go to my favorite restaurant in Stanley Park.  The walk there is beneficial and I feel a lot calmer by the time I walk into the restaurant.

    We have good food, good wine and an overall good time.  She is going through a messy divorce.  Listening to her I realize how fortunate I was that we were civilized my Ex and I when we divorced.

    As I make my way out of stressful situations in life, I realize that I don’t ever want to find myself there again: stifling relationship, unhappy work environment, all work no play kind of life,  balance my check book three times a week to make sure I make it to the next pay check.  I am done with all of this.  At least, I hope I am.

    As I get back home around 3 pm, I am suddenly exhausted. I feel overwhelmed.  I am leaving for two (2) weeks tomorrow heading East and I have not packed, not updated LinkedIn (should have done that three weeks ago), not sent my new contact information to friends and colleagues, not gone through my mail and paid my bill, not updated my calendar so I am current while on the road and not sent the financial planner the info he requested.  I am so glad house cleaning was never a favorite activity of mine.  At least I don’t have to do that too!

    My best strategy at this stage is to lie down and take a nap. The heck with this, I am on sabbatical.  To day 28.

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