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    Work, life and things in between – Day 26: Gently floating away!

    I still want to make it to the pool.    I know.  Still. I am in dire need of getting my head underwater and listening to silence.  Gently floating away.

    Do you see why some people would say I am stubborn? My Ex used to say that when I have something on my mind I am more stubborn than a retriever looking for its duck in hunting season…there might be some truth to that after all! I will agree. I can get fixated on things…I figure you have to be totally driven to have any chance of getting what you want.

    Anyhow, I have got to be able to fit two hours of fitness into my schedule. Seriously.

    As I finish my morning coffee I decide to set up my new phone with all my personal settings.  Turns out the thing will not ring and when I try to sync it with my computer, it crashes.

    I try to call the service provider for assistance but it is an automated service (O joy!) and for starters it will not recognize my ten (10 digit) phone number.  Sorry, I can’t make one up.  This is the only number I’ve got!

    Then I go on line in an attempt to bypass that issue but I still have the same problem.  It will not recognize my number.  Then I find the nearest store and call to see if anyone could help me with this.  I am sure this is the result of my ignorance and anyone else will be able to set this up in no time. ” Come on over” he says.

    Great.  I love a helping hand. That store is half way between my place and the pool.  Perfect.  I pack my swim gear, take my phone and off I go.  I will have time to do both before lunch.

    “Can’t set the ring tone.  There is a problem with the phone” he says.  No kidding! Got to go back to the original store he says! This sounds familiar. This must be a line they learn in their basic training.

    Never mind, I say, I know the drill.

    Since I have a lunch date at noon, this kills my pool session.  So, here I am, walking, rather charging, all the way back and up town, with my swim gear in tow, to go get my phone fixed.  I am furious.

    By the time I get there I am soaked.  Not from the rain but from my own perspiration.  This turns out to be quite a work out!  At least I get that much out of it.

    Turns out the phone is damaged.  Of course I have to provide significant proof, again, that this is the not the result of my own stupidity.  No, I did not drop it in the fish tank, did not download unusual software or pry it open with a screwdriver to see how it works…I actually did not even get around to using the damn thing yet, except of course for loading all my passwords information in the password keeper option (and not having had the chance to download it in my PC!)

    After what seems an eternity, they announce that unfortunately they can not save any of the information I have uploaded in the phone but since I have the information loaded on my computer, this will only be a matter of data transfer on the new phone (if you are counting, this is the third phone).

    Who said I had the data transferred on my computer!? I never did get around to that. This is my whole issue!

    Am I supposed to be grateful here? I will need a cue if that is the case because I am totally not happy. In fact, I am down right furious and tired of being in that state of mind! To day 27.

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