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    Work, life and things in between – Day 25: I was born without it!

    Patience. Between my 3 children, myself and my Ex, only one of us was born with it and it is my youngest son. He has enough patience for all of us! The day has not even started and I am already antsy! More than anything else, I want to go to the pool today. I insist in including fitness in my day. Is this so much to ask on a sabbatical?

    I am meeting with a financial planner at 11 am. Prior to that meeting I must go to The FedEx counter and ship my office equipment back to my former employer. Between the financial planner and my meeting with a friend at 3 pm. I am hoping to make it to the pool for a one hour swim.

    So I make my way down to the garage with my swim bag, my office equipment which needs to be dropped at FedEx, my briefcase and purse. I also have to make it to the shop to exchange my mobile phone (did I say it is not working?)

    The day does not go so well…first I have a late start and have to skip FedEx. Then I cannot find the financial planner’s office and end up parking three blocks away and having to walk in the pouring rain. Then, I have to listen for one hour to someone telling me about retirement, power of attorney and will. MY will that is. Then I make it to the store but, of course, they cannot fix or exchange my phone. I have to go back to the original point of sale.

    Have you ever noticed how easy it is to buy anything but very challenging to get help once you have bought the thing?

    Of course you have. I am only bringing back bad memories I bet. Since my new mobile phone is still not in service, I am glad I did not make it to FedEx to ship my equipment. I elect to retain it all another day and continue to use my former mobile phone. At least that was the plan until I realized that I have been disconnected. Of course I have been disconnected;  I signed the release documents yesterday.

    Starting today, I no longer exist!

    Now I am totally isolated and just lost my reason for holding on to my old equipment one more day….To what end would I want to hold on to it? I am not too sure, other than bypass the incredibly uneasy feeling of wrapping the last three years of your life in a box stamped “custom clear”!

    How tightly we cling to that past, even though it was not all that hot most of the time!

    I have to go back to the original store where I bought it to exchange my new phone. This will have to wait since I am meeting my friend at 3 pm downtown.

    Turns out, he does not show up. Of course I cannot call him. I do not have a phone, until I remember this old commodity called a public phone…use my credit card to charge a $0.50 call (I never have change, do you?) and leave him a message.

    I end up waiting thirty minutes by myself in the lobby and then leave. I could go into the bar and wait for him there but my thoughts are that if I go in, given the frame of mind I am in, there is no telling when I am coming out. Better to skip it all together and go home.

    I gather all the self-control I can muster and decide to stop at the store to exchange my mobile phone on the way back. I promise myself to behave and not make a scene. I will be patient. I can do this. I gently explain that their phone is not working. They look at me suspiciously, try to convince me that I did something to it but finally, thirty minutes later, I am sent home with a new phone.

    So this was not as bas as I thought it would be. I am admitting it. To day 26.

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