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    Work, life and things in between – Day 24: First go out and play!

    Another beautiful day.  It will be hard to stay inside and yet I have quite a bit to do today but since I am on sabbatical I do the fun things first.  Go out and play.

    Being that it may be one of the last sunny days for a while and that soon the ground will be damp from all that forecasted rain, I elect to blade around the sea wall for maybe the last time this year.  It is so gorgeous; I go twice around the Sea Wall.  The place is all mine.

    Then, upon my return I am able to finalize my separation agreement with my former employer and sign all legal documents and fax them back.  This is it.  Three years of working relationship ends at the bottom of that page.  Signed and delivered. As expected, I have mixed feelings. Mostly those one would associate with free falling in an endless pit in the middle of the night….nothing major!

    I don’t have time to dwell on these too long since I have a 4 pm appointment to the dentist.

    As I walk into the clinic, it dawns on me.  No more medical/dental plan!

    Wow.  This is a first in my life (one of many to come I am afraid..).  This is an exposure.  Potential vulnerability.  I am not so much worried about the dental plan…but what about the medical?  What if I get some dreadful disease, calling for outrageously expensive medication?

    Interesting.  I come from a family with genes to die for! As long as I was married I always claimed that I would be the one cashing in the life insurance!  I am never sick, and no one in my family is and quite frankly I have never spent more than a split second thinking that I could be sick…and now….it enters my mind.  I just want to make sure I don’t make me sick!

    As I sit down on the dentist’s chair, I declare my unemployed status and therefore my lack of insurance coverage.

    This feels similar to admitting having stolen the cash in the cash register.  There is a lot of embarrassment, a bit of shame and an enormous amount of discomfort…and remember, I worked towards being unemployed! Imagine those who are rudely booted out the door when they did not see it coming!

    Then, much to my horror, they proceeded in telling me that since I have no coverage they can skip this treatment and that treatment being that they are not “necessary”…and all this time employers and employees pay high premiums to be taken to the cleaner!  I am sure there is a whole lot more I don’t know from this side of the fence! To day 25.

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