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    Work, life and things in between – Day 23: Bicycles crossing!

    It is already after noon.  It is 2.30 pm.  There are so many people on the sea wall you need to check for cyclists before crossing paths.

    As I get to English Bay I flash back to my very first visit to Vancouver over fifteen (15) years ago and how I had instantly fallen in love with the city. It was a similar gorgeous day, it was the middle of the week and I was meeting a friend on the beach. What had surprised me was the overall feeling of Holiday in the air.  I remember asking if that day was a day off. “Why” had asked my friend; “because, there seems to be more people on bikes and on the beach than at work…”

    There was this unmistakable sense of a week-end in the air.  Today feels just the same and now I have grown accustomed to it but it still works its magic on me.  I am reminded of the reasons why I moved here.

    It is the West Coast.  As I write this it makes me think :”Wouldn’t it be great to find the “west coast” of my job?  the place where you love to be? They say that place is in you.  No point looking for it out there.  Sure!

    In any case, I make it to the Aquatic Centre and the smell of chlorine sets my mood instantly.  This is good!

    Swimming is like roller blading or cross country skiing for me…after a while, the endorphins kick in and you forget you are in your body.  Your mind roams freely.  How I have missed that state of mind.  Being able even for a mere hour to let your mind escape on a daily basis is truly a blissful state.

    Amazing all your mind can think of and is willing to do when it is detached from the consequences, the fears, the obligations and all issues related to “oh no, can’t do that ”syndrome.

    After my session, I walk back home taking the sea wall route and then up Denman. It is still warm and sunny. I get home to find out that the Technician is coming tonight to set up my home PC, lap top and Blackberry and not tomorrow as initially planned.

    Now, Computer Techs are like teenagers wanting to talk. When they are ready you never let that opportunity pass.  You accommodate their schedules.

    I am willing to do that, however I am less thrilled with the news that I need to get a piece of software before he can set up my computer. I knew this could not be so simple.  I call the store to make sure they have the software in stock. The technical sales Representative actually remembers me from yesterday and tells me he will wait for me before ending his shift. Imagine that!

    I quickly change and hop on the bus.  I bump into my daughter’s friend from College; Jim. Jim stayed at our place two semesters in a row last year. The deal was every time I was away (and I was gone a lot), my daughter would upgrade to my bedroom and he would take hers.  Yes. I know.  But this is truly how it went.  The reason why I know is that her boyfriend was in my bed with her.  This is how I know Jim stayed in her bedroom!

    My only requirement was that they made sure every time I got home there was no one in my bed and the sheets were clean.   Kind of an upgraded Goldilocks deal!  Worked out fine for him.

    I get to the store and I am in and out of there in no time. They were waiting for me and loaded everything in a flash.  I am thrilled to find out that people care.  Were they like that before and I did not notice it?  It seems like I am finding more and more of those.  Did they just turn nice since I started my sabbatical?


    How about I was too engrossed in my own issues and racing life to notice? What if the world was always the same and the only moving piece is our perception?  What if people are nice or obnoxious depending on how we see them or approach them?

    And the way we see them depended on how we feel?  Does this make a good case for healthy living?? You think?
    I am sure it will pop back up somewhere around 3 am one of these nights.

    As I walk out of the store, I have not had dinner yet and the Technician should be home any minute. Take out to the rescue again.  What can I say? Sure enough, as I walk into the building I see him in the driveway.

    Sabbatical you say?  As it stands I am struggling to return all my calls and find time to do half of what I would like to. It is midnight by the time he is done.  I am tired but very pleased.  This was a pleasant evening.  I learned a lot and we exchanged on multiple topics.  What strikes me about him other than his knowledge and the quality of his work is his kindness.  Another one?

    My goodness! Are they all coming out of the woodwork? To day 24.

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