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    Work, life and things in between – Day 16: On the sea wall again!

    Today, I find myself on the sea wall again.  It is my “white space” place.  This is where my head and my lungs clean themselves out.  I go there a lot.  Some people hit the bar scene, some like it at Starbucks, I like it by the water.  Give me space, give me fresh air.

    Before I do that though, I plan to update my resume and forward it to this Executive Recruiting firm who advertised for this incredible job I saw in the paper last week.

    This requires some explaining.  First, I swore I would not do that when I started my sabbatical. I would not bounce back and apply on the first job that comes along . Then I said I would not even consider a job or anything job related (this would include updating my resume) before the New Year (that would be in more than four months).  So how am I doing so far?

    Well, because I got so excited reading this ad, I think it is worth exploring what is there for me.  This job would even have me move east.  Anyone who knows me knows that I totally love Vancouver and that I would trade many things in my life before I trade this city for another one.  But somehow, this ad did it for me.

    So today I am going ahead with this. As I sit down and reach for the ad, I cannot find it anymore.  The last time I handled it was on Sunday night when I called Tem and told him about it.  He encouraged me to apply and in fact convinced me to do so.  No value in collecting regrets!  So now, as I get ready to deal with this, I can’t find it.  I actually think I put it in the recycling bin and took everything down to the dumpster last night.

    How Freudian is this?

    Actually, to tell you the truth, all this thinking about what I want to do, how I should do it, what is right for me, what is not, is downright exhausting.

    My longtime friend here in Vancouver would tell me to pack it in and go outside and play.  I think  he would be right.  I am putting my walking shoes on, grabbing my I-Pod and I am off to the sea wall.

    Two (2) hours of fresh air and open space ought to do me some good. Tomorrow is another day.

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