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    Work, life and things in between – Day 15: I take the short route!

    Today I intended to go around the sea wall but end up taking the short route around the lagoon,  through Stanley Park, walking past English Bay.  A frequent path for me.  The day is still gorgeous but the energy is not quite there yet.  Changing life is exhausting.

    My walk takes me to the aquatic centre.  I go in and look at the swimmers.  There are diving lessons going on as well .

    As a teen ager I was dying to take diving lessons.  On Sundays I would go to the YWCA and spend the entire afternoon in the pool trying to self teach diving.  I made it as far as the Angel dive from the 5 meter board.  The entry was not always elegant and more than once, had I not had shoulders strap to my bathing suit, coming out of the pool would have been an embarrassing moment.

    I am not sure why I never took lessons.  I don’t recall discussing this at great length with my parents.  I know I expressed an interest but somehow they did not respond.  Perhaps I did not stress it enough.  In any case, this was a passion of mine.  I loved the beauty and the elegance of the divers.

    So, I stand here, taking in the chlorine smell and listening to the echoed sounds of the pool and liking it.  Maybe I should take diving lessons?  I look around and the eldest student I see is probably fourteen at best!  Me at the end of the diving board. That would be a sight!

    Nevertheless, I feel I need to do something “physical”.  Here is that urge to “do something” again.  So hard to stay in the idle mode!

    I end up registering for weight lifting classes. I know.  Maybe I need to talk about this! Weight lifting is right up there with home cooking, playing piano, writing my book etc….another one of those things I picked up along the way and added to my “to do ” list.  So here it is.  One off my list.  Classes don’t start until next week, so I can face that reality when it hits me; meaning later.  You gotta love a life with no deadlines.

    I head back home. Before turning in for the night, I call Tem.  He is in Montreal, I am in Vancouver.  We have known each other for several years and have been in and out of a relationship throughout these years.  He truly is an exceptional man and among all the things he is for me, he is an incredible sounding board.

    I call him.  I am struggling with my need to be productive and purposeful at the same time as my desire to be idle and to find time for all the things I want in my  life.

    One day I want to be a writer and go away in remote areas and write for days on end, other days I want to be a successful Executive roaming the planet again, sharing time and knowledge.

    Talking it over helps me find the balance and keep my perspective, which at the moment, I don’t have.,  So: not that hard to keep then!

    I need to find my way though. Onward to tomorrow.



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