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    Work, life and things in between – Day 10: Return to sender!

    I feel better as I leave the group. To let things unfold, to “let it be” has always been my comfortable modus operandi up until now.  Life happens and don’t you just love it when it happens within your comfort zone? When you don’t need to stretch and all you have to do is grab it?  You don’t make it, you take it.  Of course, there have been many to disagree with me, mostly in the professional arena where we are taught to work with goals, objectives, a 90 day, annual and five year plan where you never leave anything unplanned.

    Actually, it is not so much the planning that makes all the difference, but the stretching!  I am finding out.  One hard day at a time.

    On the way home I am walking down Robson street and suddenly remember that as my employment ended, I need to return the office equipment I have.  That is blackberry and lap top mostly.  Two life lines.  You can’t be serious! To ship these back in a box and walk away from the FedEx office with neither one will be similar to dropping your young (very young) child at day care on the first day.  There is a serious dose of withdrawal pain going on here.

    So, I need another phone. AND another lap top.


    I do not like shopping.   It tires me instantly.  No matter what I shop for (except perhaps shoes and jewelry) the choice is simply too vast.  I don’t like it.

    I decide  to ask a friend.  I need someone to shield me from myself when it comes to shopping.

    On the way home I stop at Capers to buy dinner. One has to be grateful for Capers; an easy, healthy, organic take out food place which serves dinner with a smile. Somehow organic takes the guilt away from take out and supports my habit of staying away from cooking!  You would never know that I used to bake my own bread, make my own yogurt and even my own soap!  Maybe that’s just it!  I overdid it!  now you can’t get me passed the kitchen door!   Read day 11.

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